Pregnancy Help Center in Torrance, CA

     You think you're pregnant, or you are pregnant, and you don't know what to do. You don't want to tell him and forget about telling your parents. Your friends will tell you, "You need to get rid of it".  Planned Parenthood will encourage you to do so as well. Pregnancy Help Center of Torrance will give you all the information you deserve to know so that you will make the right choice. 


Redeeming Love California

     Rescue is just the first step on the arduous journey toward restoration for trafficked survivors. Research has shown that without ongoing supportive services and long term help the risk is very high for a girl to return to her trafficking situation.        

     Located in Los Angeles County, our program is designed to provide approximately 12-18 months of transitional housing and wrap-around care for survivors of sex trafficking who are in need of a safe place to recover once they have been rescued and stabilized. With trauma-informed therapy as a core foundation of our program, we also offer life-skills development, job readiness training, spiritual direction, education and career mentoring, and help with job placement. We will shepherd each survivor while developing her long term plan toward independence, restoration and ultimately her final destination...Freedom.   



     Kids, teenagers, in poverty, forced into prostitution, fighting for survival in gangs... the fatherless, the   orphaned, the rejected and abused... each one is special and possesses potential for greatness. Capital on the Edge, a non profit organization, utilises a holistic approach, assisting young Nicaraguans in their life’s journey, encouraging them to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Hume Lake Christian Camps and

Hope Chapel's Youth's Ministry 

These ministries are places where kids get to leave their stressful and sometimes abusive environment, and go to a place where they can hear God's voice without any distractions. Kids come back impacted and changed with hope, a living hope in Jesus. My daughters have personally benefited from these camps and can be a turning point for many kids who otherwise would be in the streets or be under the control of a trafficker.

Pregnancy Help Centers

These centers offer FREE and confidential services. You won't get judged there but will find women who have gone through the same thing and receive encouragement and support. Boys can also get help in understanding what to do. Don't just make decision based on feeling and fear. Listen to these wonderful stories.